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The 1980s of Harrison's career (maybe the strongest decade of any actor ever) end with Indy being called "Junior" by Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Pretty damn good movie for Harrison and the world and we break it down.

We get it all in the one, River Phoenix works in a Harrison movie again, this time playing a young version of Indy instead of his son. Brody and Sallah return, Professor Jones is back, the hottest Indy Girl ever, Indy meets Hitler, more Germans, and that dude the drove a AT-AT on Hoth and told Darth Vader it was cool to come down to the planet now.

Once we get done with Last Crusade (sorry, it takes a while) we get through some recent Ford news including the Age Of Adoline trailer and some teaser trailer thingy with a R2-D2 Beach Ball and THE FREAKING MILLENNIUM FALCON!!

Choose wisely and listen!


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