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For this Harrison Ford movie, Sabrina, we get a unique opportunity to compare how Harrison plays a role that Humphrey Bogart played. Yep, Harrison does his first "rom-com" and you kind of wonder why he doesn't do more comedy. There was some creepness happening in Sabrina due to the large age gap between Linus/Harrison Ford and Sabrina/Julia Ormond and we're not quite sure Harrison was totally comfortable hitting on such a younger character. Plenty of breaking down of "Linus".

OF NOTE!: We talk about the Disneyland ride, Indiana Jones Adventure - Temple of the Forbidden Eye. (It came out during this era of Harrison's carrer so we review it here.

ALSO, OF NOTE!: Our Harrison 'news and updates' are going to be a little dated due to the fact we recorded this episode before we recorded our The Force Awakens trailer #2 episode. But that's cool, you can hear how dumb we sound.

LISTEN: SabrinaAndIndianaJonesRideGOMP21.mp3


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