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A podcast that chronologically follows the career of actor, Harrison Ford.

We are back into the Harrison Ford Universe!

Twitter scares the scruffy nerf herder out of us and we update all the Harrison Ford Universe films (the HFU), including:

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story - BluRay.
  • The Mandalorian.
  • A review of the Jack Ryan series.
  • The Secret Life of Pets 2.
  • Call of the Wild.
  • Star Wars Episode 9.
  • Indiana Jones 5.

Thanks for listening and hanging with us!

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It has been 25 years since the release of "The Fugitive" and we decided to do a "Hangout" for it.

So find your DVD, rent it on Amazon, check every outhouse and henhouse, just find a copy of it and play this as you watch. 

Harrison Ford has a beard and you need to hear us talk about it as we watch it get shaved. Hangout and watch the Fugitive with us!


Thanks for being here!

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What is even going on with Star Wars fandom? Who are these idiots that are resistant to more female and diverse characters in the SW Universe? We don't know, but we talk about these people that don't get the message that Star Wars puts out.

And oh yeah, Harrison Ford has THREE new movies that will be coming out (eventually) so you know we will be talking about those (Indiana Jones 5, Call Of The Wild, The Secret Life Of Pets 2).

Also, what happened with Solo? Like, what the hell!?

Lastly, there was an article written at ranking the best Harrison Ford performances and we finally get to break it down.

This and more Harrison Ford Universe stuff!

Thanks for listening!!

-Mikey & Trent for more episodes.

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It's been ten long years since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. A decade since our favorite part-time "teacher" found out he has a son that can joust.

George Lucas and Steven Speilberg are not big on doing Director commentary for the Indy films. So we thought we would "help" by doing a Hangout for Skull.

A Hangout may not be as info filled as a commentary but it may be more fun. So break out your copy of Crystal Skull and hang with us as we mark 10 years of Indiana Jones 4.

Marvel at Trent trying to keep Mikey awake.

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58.7MB | 2:08:18 | Some Language

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Spoilers, Kid. Spoilers. This is a raw review of "Solo: A Star Wars Story"! If you have not watched it, you will be spoiled.

That said, we are together, moments after seeing Solo and this is our reaction. We also update some Harrison Ford stuff, including why he wasn't at the premiere.

Was Solo good? Let's find out.

Thank you for listening, tell all your Harrison friends about us, will ya?!

HOSTS: Mikey and Trent.



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Fun. This is what we think the Han Solo movie will be. This episode we break down the official trailer for "Han Solo: A Star Wars Story!"

Should Alden do his best Young Harrison or play Han the way he sees him? We discuss this and the highlights of the trailer.

We also talk about Indiana Jones 5 and have a controversial take on a character that should be brought back.

Also, catch up on the Harrison Ford Universe with the release of the Last Jedi BluRay and plenty more.

Thanks and listen in!

-Mikey & Trent

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It's here. The Han Solo movie is real. It's happening. And we are here to break it down from the perspective of Harrison Ford nerds.

Will Alden A pull off Han? How is George and Harrison involved? Can Opie property direct a Star Wars movie?

We talk about these things, the Blade Runner 2049 BluRay, Indiana Jones 5 and more!

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29.2MB | 1:03:58 | Some Bad Langauge

Thank you for listening, tell all your Harrison friends about us, will ya?!

HOSTS: Mikey and Trent.



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We finally are turning in our Star Wars homework. It's late but here it is, our review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Did we love it? Hate it? Worst Star Wars movie ever or best? Did Rian Johnson get Star Wars right?

Plus a little bit of Harrison Ford talk thrown in because of course. Reach out with the Force and listen!

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39.0MB | 1:25:22 | Cussing!

Thanks for listening!

HOSTS: Mikey and Trent.



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