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A podcast that chronologically follows the career of actor, Harrison Ford.

You damn well know we need to stop and take note that Harrison Ford is 80 years old. We make a quick stop to reflect on Harrison. Hope you join us.

Thank you for listening and Happy Birthday, Harry!

(Watch out for the occasional F-bomb)

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Man, we hate these slow times in Harrison's career. Sure, there are always a couple of things and we talk about them. But man, I wish there was more.

Oh well, I think we have a good convo and check-in on what Harrison and the HFU is up to. Hope you listen to it.


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It's here! The episode of GOMP when we get to break down Star Wars (or at least how it relates to Han).

What roles did Harrison turn down before Star Wars? How the casting went for Han Solo and more. Then we do a nerdyass break down of the Han Solo scenes in A New Hope (with a few little geeky tangents).

Which is the best Star Wars film? Some current Harrison Ford news, rumors and more!


(Opening music credit: mc chris)

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